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Electronics & Telecommunications

The electronics industry is experiencing a rapid change in its technology landscape. Our team helps our clients keep abreast of these technology changes. Projects in this industry are typically highly focused, which requires specialized expertise. Our highly qualified (Masters and double Masters) team members with wide experience and interests are well qualified to handle such specialized subject matter.

Our patent search, analysis and landscaping approach in this area is typically well rounded, we have done projects where we studied technology advancements, identified potential licensees, looked at new product launches and conducted market research. This breadth gives our team a perspective that our clients find valuable.

Exemplary projects

Autonomous energy systems
Energy storage devices
Electrical switchgear
Power converters/inverters
Electric drives
Video streaming
Wireless power technologies
Computer architecture
Financial transactions
Electronic visual displays
Printed electronics
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
Wearable technologies
Mobile telecommunications standards
Signal processing protocols
Global positioning systems
Power transmission and distribution technologies
Semiconductor design and packages
Automatic identification and data capture

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