CRISPR Technology for Next Generation Probiotics

CRISPR/Cas technology has captured the interest of researchers in the last decade. Owing to its gene-editing capabilities it is utilized to edit or genetically alter the genome of bacteria, thus enabling it to be a tool apart from being an adaptive defense mechanism of bacteria. An interesting space to explore is the utilization of CRISPR Technology in Next Generation Probiotics (NGPs) to enable the use of genetically engineered NGPs in therapeutic applications.

SciTech Patent Art’s (SPA) biotech team has prepared a short presentation that explores the mechanism of CRISPR/Cas as a gene-editing tool and its use in the development of NGPs. The presentation captures the following facets:

  • Overview of CRISPR/Cas technology
  • Profiles of leading companies
  • Profiles of leading NGP start-ups
  • Summary of DuPont/Danisco’s activity
  • Recent significant patents
  • Future challenges and opportunities