Problem & Context:
  • Non-viral RNA drug delivery technologies such as mRNA drug delivery technologies are associated with biosafety, low immunogenic response, high loading capacity and versatility. These cover a wide range of possibilities from the most advanced LNPs to polymeric, protein-based systems, hybrid, and even endogenous EVs.
  • SciTech Patent Art conducted a technology landscape study on non-viral mRNA delivery with specific focus on nanoparticle mediated (Lipid nanoparticles | Polymers | peptide/amino-acid based nanoparticles, etc.) mRNA delivery technologies
SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • Searches for non-patent and patent data were conducted in subscribed and free databases
  • Screening of data to identify drug delivery technologies in this space
  • Analysis of drug delivery technologies based on the following:
    • Brief description
    • Target disease
    • Proof of concept
    • Product stage/TRL
    • Genome editing technologies
    • Corporate partnerships / collaborations
    • IP strength
    • Challenges
  • Summary

The team implemented the project in 6-8 weeks which costed $18,000