Problem & Context:
  • The blood-brain barrier (BBB) has been a great hurdle for brain drug delivery. The blood-brain barrier (BBB) represents a major obstacle to the delivery of drugs to the central nervous system (CNS). The presence of BBB delivery technology allows for engineering the therapeutic to enable entry into the brain across the BBB from blood.
  • SciTech Patent Art conducted a technology landscape study on BBB/CNS drug delivery with specific focus on micelles, nanoemulsions and liposomes.
SciTech Patent Art Approach & Deliverables:
  • Searches for non-patent and patent data were conducted in subscribed and free databases
  • Screening of data to identify drug delivery technologies in this space
  • Analysis of drug delivery technologies based on the following:
    • Brief description
    • Physical, chemical and/or biological properties of the compound
    • Target disease
    • Proof of concept
    • Product stage/TRL
    • Corporate partnerships / collaborations
    • IP strength
    • Challenges
  • Summary

The team implemented the project in 6-8 weeks which costed $18,000