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Evidence of use analysis
Out-licensing target identification
In-licensing target identification
Differentiation analysis
Evidence of use analysis

Can you search for relevant products that match specific patents, so that we can identify possibility of any infringement?

Evidence of use analysis / Patent Product matching is frequently conducted to detect potential infringements or to identify potential licensing opportunities. SPA analysts have conducted many studies where they have obtained key patents, dissected them into various claim elements and then identified specific products in the patent that use various aspects of the claim elements. The studies are presented in a concise, user-friendly manner so that clients can quickly understand the findings and make a decision in further steps.


  • Outline distinct technical elements of patents under investigation
  • Search products related to the technical elements
  • Analyse and compare technical elements of the patents and relevant products

Key Deliverables

  • Our claim charts are in a visually intuitive format that enables quick assimilation
  • Comparison of drawings from patents and products
Out-licensing target identification

Out-licensing target identification requires an in-depth understanding of a patents technical strength (vis-a-vis the next best alternative) along with an understanding of market needs. SPA's analysts identify potential candidates based on technology differentiation studies and then work closely with in-market specialists in U.S., Japan and Europe to identify high potential targets. SPA's deliverables involve not only identifying targets, but also approaching the right contacts and facilitating initial meetings. SPAs network also has individuals with extensive licensing experience who can aid in the licensing negotiations.

Key Deliverables

  • Identify companies from various searches
  • Analyse technology and product portfolio, strengths and weaknesses of each company
  • Identify potential licensing partners based on the technology synergies of both entities
  • Facilitate initial meetings or discussions with potential collaborators
In-licensing target identification

SPA's clients who are involved in Open Innovation activities are frequently in search for promising technologies with a strong application potential. SPA has conducted many patent and technology landscaping studies where it has helped identify specific companies and inventors with promising technologies. Such studies also involve an evaluation of the quality of the target's patent portfolio, life-cycle stages of the various technologies, and a legal status review of the patent portfolio.

Key Deliverables

  • Conduct multiple searches to identify patents of interest
  • Review claims to assess validity and enforceability
  • Assess commercial potential of relevant patents
  • Propose multiple options for patent acquisition or in-licensing
Differentiation analysis

Out-licensing groups need to understand the quality of a patent portfolio that they intend to out-license. SPA analysts, using their technical backgrounds, conduct in-depth technology searches to identify the closest competing technologies and then use that information to identify specific differentiating features of the client's technology. Such reports are used by the clients in either potential target identification and / or in developing a focused sales pitch for the technology targeting specific customers.

Key Deliverables

  • Prepare a customized report that provides answers to specific client questions
  • Identify the closest competing technologies
  • Identify specific differentiating features of the client technology
  • Summarize technology strengths, weaknesses, and emerging areas
Target due-diligence

Is this a company worth acquiring?

Target due-diligence is typically initiated by SPA's clients when they are evaluating a particular company for acquisition, joint-venture or joint-development programs. This service involves the assessment of a competitor's technology portfolio – patents, publications, and products – to develop a comprehensive snap-shot of the company's technologies that have been commercialized or in-development.

  • Scope of the study
  • Business profile
  • Technology overview
  • Patent insights


Technology landscape / trends study

How do I categorize and understand a complex patent/publication portfolio?

SPA analysts conduct various types of landscape analyses based on client needs. Technical documents (patents, literature, etc.) are extracted, screened, analysed and visualized as required to answer clients’ questions. Taxonomy/ontology study is conducted to develop a deta understanding of the various categories of technology that exist in a particular technical domain and in addition, help explore technology trends, competitive strengths/weaknesses, emerging companies, etc. SPA analysts can rapidly categorize large patent and publication data sets, typically over 10,000 documents. SPA’s AI/ML tools come in handy to meet client quality, turnaround and cost requirements when handling large data-sets.

Key Deliverables

  • Detailed ontology development based on a scientific review
  • Portfolio comparison based on scientific taxonomy
  • Technology cluster mapping
  • Filing trends by company

  • Geographic trends
  • Technology status summaries
  • Trends in novelty
  • Application development
  • Technical literature trends
White-space identification

Where are the big entry opportunities?

SPA’s clients use white-space analyses to identify spaces where there is room for technology development, patentability or freedom-to-operate. These analyses help clients find new opportunities, e.g., potential product features or combinations of features that no company has targeted, important applications of a known technology that are yet to be explored, new technologies that are emerging or pre-emptive IP strategies that could be pursued to constrain competition. Conducting such analyses requires an in-depth knowledge of the technology area and an understanding of key technology parameters that matter. SPA’s technical experts study the technology space in detail to understand core dimensions of technology that matter, and then develop cross-feature maps that highlight white-spaces.

Key Deliverables

  • Insightful, multi-feature maps

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