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The book “Analytics-Driven Patent Strategy…For inventors and managers” documents a unique blend of intellectual property (IP) strategy and analytics aimed to support inventors and managers in developing an insightful analytics-driven IP strategy.

Rephrase as: Written by two IP experts with extensive experience in innovation, strategy and marketing summarizing their experiences and real-life case studies, this book is a complete hands-on guide that would help inventors and managers understand their role in IP, create and execute an effective IP strategy, and thus drive a stronger IP and stronger return on investment.

The book explains how the “IP Triad”- business leaders, inventors and attorneys help in creating a successful IP strategy, how organizations adapt various approaches for calling out IP as their priority to ensure their business meets its goals, and how the “IP Triad” can and should align together in achieving these goals.

Besides explaining IP strategy and IP analytics, the book provides a step-by-step guide to conducting patent searches using some free search tools that will help inventors and managers who want to conduct some basic patent searches on their own to obtain some instant leads. It also offers a path to learning through various training programs such as Basic IP Training, Early Inventor Training, Strategic Inventor Training, and IP for Managers Training.

Key features of the book:

  • Importance of IP Triad in an organization
  • IP strategy and its evolution over time
  • Common mistakes to avoid while creating an IP strategy
  • IP analytics leading to actionable IP strategies
  • How to create a strong IP
  • How to conduct patent searches using free search tools
  • How to become a skilled IP expert

This book is a must-have for all the inventors and their managers, particularly those who are new to the field of IP and working with IP attorneys for the first time. It will help them contribute the most to patent strategy development.


Mark Kline, founder, The Solution Infusion, has experience spanning 30+ years in Research & Development. A creative & divergent thinker, Mark is an IP expert from an inventor’s point of view, having obtained 125+ granted patents of his own besides advising inventors on IP matters. He has been successful with numerous case prosecutions & litigations. Mark has applied his knowledge to earn $1B+ incremental profit and focuses on business impact, offering services for Finding Solutions, Protecting Solutions, and Training/Mentoring. The firm’s recent research includes recent work on eczema prevention and treatment, solar cell uses, steel stamping, automotive production systems and more.


Srin Achanta, Managing Director, SciTech Patent Art, founded SciTech Patent Art in Hyderabad, India in 2002 and joined full time in 2012. Apart from holding a Ph.D. in Chem Eng. (Purdue Univ.) and an M.B.A. in Strategy (Univ. of Michigan), Srin has over 20 years of experience in strategy, marketing and innovation; having served in significant positions in The Procter & Gamble Company, Booz & Company and Honeywell Corporation, prior to founding SPA. At SPA, he is responsible as a key decision maker in overall firm strategy and new AI + analytics solutions.

The Importance of an IP Triad in an Organization
What is an IP Strategy & Common Mistakes to Avoid
What is IP analytics?
The Creation and Evolution of an IP Strategy Over Time
Analytics By Phase
Creating Strong IP
Free Patent Search Tools
Becoming Skilled as an IP Expert – as an Inventor or Manager