A webinar by SciTech Patent Art (SPA) search experts with more than 40 combined years of search experience!
Firms conduct patent invalidity/validity searches for two main reasons:
  • When confronted with a patent infringement suit
  • While in-licensing a patent/technology to assess the strength of the patent

The primary challenge in invalidity/validity searches is to find relevant prior art (patents/non-patent literature) that patent examiners did not retrieve during prosecution. Therefore, the approach to find such prior art must be different (or unconventional) than those already used by the examiners.

In addition, finding relevant non-patent literature is incredibly challenging. Finding product operating manuals, sales brochures, specification documents, doctoral theses, etc., scattered in various sources is not easy. Well-organized databases that capture all this information do not exist. As a result, non-patent literature searches are time-consuming, expensive, and do not come with any guarantees.

SPA’s search experts have developed a standard operating procedure that includes many unconventional approaches to address these challenges. When powered by Deep Web and ML-based crawling techniques, our unconventional methods ensure that even deeply buried art is retrieved effectively and efficiently.

We will share our approach along with a few case studies in this webinar.


Tuesday, 28th September 2021


08:00 AM Pacific Time

10:00 AM Central Time

11:00 AM Eastern Time


Mr. Manoj Kumar P, Senior Client Manager, Chemistry & Biotechnology

Mr. Laxminarayana V, Senior Client Manager, Chemical & Mechanical Process

Ms. Linda Perucca, Business Representative