Technology Research Support Services for Innovation

Leading research organizations with a strategic innovation process involves having a focused vision of internal activities, along with an external view of innovation environment. At SciTech Patent Art (SPA), our team of technical experts work with innovation centers of multinational companies worldwide through their innovation funnel process. SPA’s services support innovation teams in developing stronger innovation capabilities by consistently assessing promising technologies, bringing innovations to the market faster, sustaining competitive advantage or developing a network of external partners.

How do we support organizations through their innovation funnels?

Explore our latest tools and web-enabled portals built on AI / Machine learning platforms that enable collaboration within your innovation teams.

  • Deep Web search platform – Cloud-based portal for Internal R&D / IP teams for scientific literature searches.
  • Start-up tracker – For Open Innovation / Business Development / M&A teams for identify external partners such as start-ups / research institutes.
  • RSS New Feed – For competitive intelligence teams to receive daily curated feeds of business news.
  • Prosecution tracking – For IP teams to proactively track patent prosecution
  • Competitive Technology Intelligence platform – For R&D / Marketing teams to help you track latest developments from specific companies and technologies