Scientific literature analyses services

SciTech Patent Art (SPA) have extensive experience in analyzing scientific literature/ patents and providing the analyzed content over web-enabled applications.

My name is Harita Achanta, Director Marketing at SciTech Patent Art (SPA). I’m writing to understand how SPA could become a vendor-partner for your needs to annotate complex chemistry/biotechnology-related technical publications.

As a brief background, SPA is one of India’s longest-serving analytics firm specializing in technology research and analytics. We have extensive experience in analyzing scientific literature/patents and providing the analyzed content over web-enabled applications. We believe that our services and capabilities will further enhance the efficiency of your business.

Our key offerings include:

  • We have a history of 19+ years doing extremely complex analyses in chemistry and related areas. Our highly qualified team of PhDs and Masters in Chemistry have expertise in analyzing complex structures, reaction procedures and corresponding yield specifications.
  • Our proprietary AI/ML tools and Deep Web search techniques are integrated in our overall workflow process delivering efficiency and effectiveness
  • In addition, our strong IT team offers parallel support in technology integration and seamless solution delivery

Following are some examples of our capabilities:

  • For a Japanese medical devices client – Gathered and analyzed 50,000+ scientific literature in a specific topic from high impact journals. Each publication was then tagged as per customized multi-level technology taxonomy. The literature was delivered over a cloud-based interface
  • For a US based Food & Beverages client – Gathered and analyzed unstructured data from various information sources. Screened, analyzed and tagged data that was converted was delivered as an RSS feed.
  • For a US based polymer manufacturer – Analyzed 30,000+ scientific literature with respect to polymers, polymerization Techniques and formulations.