Remote Patient Management for Drug Delivery System

The recent pandemic has accelerated the acceptance of technologies that have facilitated continuous and remote diagnostics as well as patient monitoring. Remote patient monitoring has certainly become a boon for the over-stretched health care system.

Digital transformation has enabled remote access of patient data to clinicians, ensured prescribed therapies are administered in the right dosage and frequency, helped monitor patient conditions and reactions. Consumer adoption of digital technologies has certainly made this transformation easy.

Though there are many benefits, there are some challenges in this area including:

  • Reliability & Safety
  • Patient Compliance
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Drug Delivery Errors
  • Battery Drain
  • High costs

SciTech Patent Art (SPA) has conducted a quick study to understand how leading companies are addressing these challenges.

This report summarizes the different solutions provided by the major players in this area such Ypsomed AG, West Pharma Services, Tandem Diabetes Care and others.