Probiotics/ Allergens in Pet Food: Gaining technology insights from data analytics

Greetings from SciTech Patent Art (SPA)! We at SPA are constantly experimenting with data analytics to extract unique technology insights. In this regard, we applied both conventional and advanced data analytics techniques to Mintel’s GNPD™ new product launch data to extract unique insights. Our enclosed report discusses our techniques as well as our findings from analysing product labels of new pet food products launched with probiotics/allergens product claims. The chart below presents a glimpse of one of our findings.

How did we do this?
  • Gathering 3,000+ products with 2,000+ ingredients
  • Structuring disparate data such as ingredients, company names, claims and product variants
  • Applying traditional trend analytics on 3,000+ products
  • Further, applying advanced data mining analytics such as outliers, inliers, clusters and network analysis

SciTech Patent Art has over 10 years of experience in handling technology analytics projects in pet food. Example topics include:

  • Use of probiotics in pet food
  • Probiotics for pet digestive health
  • Antibodies involved in pet allergy
  • Use of specific ingredients to nourish skin and promote a healthy coat
  • Use of vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin C in pet food
  • Promoting joint health in pet food
  • Use of bacteria in pet food
  • Use of specific oils in pet food
  • Cell suppression in dogs
  • Eye/vision health in companion animals
  • Enhanced diets for cats and dogs
  • Optimal designs/shapes for tooth health
  • Pet litter containing specific odor-absorbing materials
  • …and more

If you have more such ideas, we would love to brainstorm with you. Please get in touch with us:[email protected]