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Enterprise Competitive Technical Intelligence Program to Support Implementation of Corporate Innovation Strategy

Multinational companies (MNCs) are adopting a proactive approach for information gathering to keep pace with a dynamically changing business scenario. One of the key elements in developing a strategy for corporate innovation is to monitor real-time information across several dimensions such as technological developments, market needs, competitive activity, etc. In addition to monitoring external factors, companies are looking for ways to align internal organizations around the gathered intelligence to bring focus onto execution of an innovation strategy. To address these needs, corporate information groups are developing a centralized and customized information-dissemination and collaboration platform.

SciTech Patent Art (SPA) partners with corporate information groups to design and implement integrated Competitive Technical Intelligence (CTI) programs through the involvement of scientists, Deep Web Crawlers and Artificial Intelligence. SPA’s proprietary Deep Web Crawlers gather information from various sources to obtain business news, quarterly/annual earnings reports, investor presentations, product launches, and technical and trade literature. These voluminous data are screened by trained Assisted Intelligence (AI) agents and curated into a client-customized structured taxonomy by SPA’s scientists. The Competitive Technical Intelligence platform is designed for collaboration by R&D users across the globe and for users to interactively extract insights and white-spaces.

For one of its clients, SPA collected a voluminous amount of data across 40+ technologies and 20+ companies into the Competitive Technical Intelligence platform using its proprietary Deep Web Crawling and AI agents. In addition, SPA implemented technology-focused “Connect-the-dots” summaries curated by its analysts, shared globally with R&D/marketing staff through web-meetings on a quarterly basis. In the first year of its implementation, this program helped the client keep track of a rapidly evolving technology space, mitigate freedom-to-operate risks and identify strategic technology partners.

SciTech Patent Art (http://www.patent-art.com/) is a leading patent and technology analytics firm based out of Hyderabad, India. With 17 years of experience and over 90 analysts covering various scientific and engineering disciplines, SPA has been providing high quality and cost-effective services to large corporations in the US, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. SPA’s scientists, assisted by proprietary Deep Web and AI/ML tools, extract in-depth technology insights from large patent and non-patent data-sets.