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SciTech Patent Art Launches Technology-Trained AI/ML Agents to Dramatically Improve Analyst Productivity

SciTech Patent Art’s Assisted Intelligence agents save valuable time for IP analysts and scientists by providing subject-focused, real-time assistance.

IP analysts, R&D scientists and their support staff have a tough task these days. The amount of data available to screen, analyze and summarize are growing exponentially. Support resources, however, are not growing at the same pace. Secondary research, i.e., reviewing published literature such as patents, articles and web-sites, extracting relevant documents and gleaning insights involves thousands of technical documents nowadays where there were only a few hundred not too long ago. In such a challenging data overload environment, corporate IP/knowledge management groups with limited internal staff are struggling to keep up with the quality and turnaround expectations of internal R&D/management ‘customers’.

To meet the needs of this customer segment, SciTech Patent Art (SPA) is launching breakthrough custom-trained Assisted Intelligence agents to help technical experts in real-time screening, analysis and curation of technical documents. Development of these agents and the training platform took SPA’s engineers 1000s of hours of research and real-world trials by SPA’s technology experts in live projects. SPA’s technology experts have witnessed not only time savings ranging from 40 – 60 percent of project execution time but also significant quality improvements. SPA’s trained Assisted Intelligence agents successfully detected inadvertent oversights, screening errors, inconsistencies in analysis, etc. SPA has now decided to make these agents available to external clients to help them overcome the data overload challenge.

To develop the Assisted Intelligence agents, SPA employed a proprietary technology training methodology on a robust deep neural net-based NLP training platform. As opposed to generalized models that are popular in industry today, SPA has discovered that training is typically most effective in focused subject matters for example, textile polymers, food ingredients, obstacle detection, etc. SPA’s Managing Director, Dr. Srin Achanta says “AI is like a smart high-school student…just as how we send our kids to college to make them a computer scientist or a chemical engineer, we train our AI algorithms using subject-specific information. Just as how a good college imparts good training, the higher the quality of subject-specific training, the better the models are in assisting experts”.

SciTech Patent Art ( is a leading patent and technology analytics firm based out of Hyderabad, India. With 17 years of experience and over 90 analysts covering various scientific and engineering disciplines, SPA has been providing hiqh quality and cost-effective services to large corporations in the US, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. SPA’s scientists, assisted by proprietary Deep Web and AI/ML tools, extract in-depth technology insights from large patent and non-patent data-sets.