Manage your Innovation portfolio

Using our User-friendly Tool for R&D and Marketing Teams

Most R&D and marketing teams lack complete knowledge of the scope of their own company’s patent / innovation portfolio. This leads to inefficiencies and lost opportunities in following ways:

  • R&D expertise resides within the company but others who need it are unaware
  • Company already has solved a problem but others are trying to re-invent a solution
  • Marketing teams are unaware of the scope or status of patents covering their key products
  • Multiple iterations of communications between R&D/Marketing/IP puts a strain on already stretched resources

Our solution is a product that is a simple self-serve portal for R&D and Marketing Teams, mentored by IP team. The features of the product includes:

  • Cloud-based solution for global access
  • AI/ML-based context search engine to allow extraction using natural language
  • Clear link between patents and products. A mapping of which patents cover what products/product families
  • Simplified one-page summaries of patents for non-IP professionals to understand patents
  • Periodic updates to keep the database alive and relevant
  • …and much more

Examples of our products include:

Patent to Product linkage – Claims linked to product specification, detailed product features and specifications

One Page summaries for the patents includes key technologies and concepts from claims, problems and solutions, technology tags, Drawings highlighting “novelty features”