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Where is the clean label trend going in the food and beverage industry?

SciTech Patent Art (SPA)’s insights from a whitepaper study conducted on the clean label trend in the food and beverage industry

October 21, 2019

Clean label, a consumer movement led by Gen-Z and the millennials, asserts transparency by removing crowded information from the label, while, at the same time, adhering to both regional and international regulatory guidelines. A clean label food or beverage product must use natural sources with minimal processing. It must eliminate artificial ingredients by encouraging plant-based food products and low calorie ingredients, all of which promote good health. The clean label movement also promotes sustainability.

The white paper lists the characteristics of ‘clean label’ and compares the clean label, natural, organic and free-from products that are available in the market. It describes the clean label alliance that was formed in response to the increasing demand for clean labels in the area of dietary supplements. The paper identifies the key players, particularly the ingredient companies, as well as start-ups that are focused on improving existing food products. The specific problems faced by industries and the associated solutions that companies are coming up with, in order to qualify their products as clean label, are discussed. Examples of M&As that have helped companies rebrand themselves as consumer-friendly brands focusing on clean labels have been listed. The paper predicts the extension of the clean label movement into the cosmetic and pharma industry.

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