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Early-stage Developers Database for Open Innovation Scouting Teams

SPA’s technology-centric EDD offers a complete solution to the seamless integration of external data with the internal work process of technology scouting teams

September 19, 2019

SciTech Patent Art, one of India’s longest-serving analytics firm launches its curated technology-centric Early-stage Developers Database (EDD). EDD is customized to the needs of technology scouting teams who are actively working in specific technologies of interest.

EDD contains extensive data from North America, Europe and Asia, with identified developers falling within the following categories:

  • Startups
  • Government programs that fund Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Incubators
  • Accelerators
  • Technology Transfer (TTO)/Licensing Offices (TLO) of Universities & Research Institutes
  • Medical Research organizations (MRO)
  • Venture Capital Firms (VC)

The EDD solution from SciTech Patent Art mirrors the internal work process of scouting teams and brings significant efficiency and effectiveness to the scouting work process. Clients, for example, can quickly add business contacts established from conferences, trade fairs and other industry meets and start receiving updates from the SciTech Patent Art’s team of scientists.

The need for a technology-centric database for technology scouting teams -

SciTech Patent Art, specializing in technology research and analytics has over 17 years of experience in working with R&D, technology scouting and commercialization teams. Over the years, our research for these teams has led to the identification of new and exciting early-stage developers in various technical disciplines. We also noticed that current solutions available in the market do not meet the needs of our client teams. Available solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the financial community, e.g., venture capitalists, private equity firms.

SciTech Patent Art’s EDD is custom-developed with the following key features:

  • Extensive data collection across private and government sources using proprietary deep web search techniques
  • Manual curation with a detailed technology taxonomy
  • Information on contact, funding details, stage of development, etc.
  • Key patents, scientific literature, news releases
  • News updates for selected entities
  • Ability for user to add user-defined fields or entities
  • Two-layer security design to allow users to add information/edit inside the firewall
  • …and many more features to enable internal team collaboration

SciTech Patent Art ( is a leading patent and technology analytics firm based out of Hyderabad, India. With 17 years of experience and over 90 analysts covering various scientific and engineering disciplines, SPA has been providing high quality and cost-effective services to large corporations in the US, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. SPA's scientists, assisted by proprietary Deep Web and AI/ML tools, extract in-depth technology insights from large patent and non-patent data-sets.


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