Case Studies
Client Global industrial gases company
Problem & Context The client partnered with SPA to help identify potential external collaboration partners, such as Universities, Research Institutes etc. in the areas of Hydrogen production and Carbon Capture & Sequestration. The client wanted SPA to build an Energy Research Database containing information pertaining to the above.
SPA Approach & Deliverables
  • A 2-member SPA team was formed to source relevant information.
  • Aspects were studies related to:
    • Sources of hydrogen production (chemical compounds, fossil fuels, biomass, water, etc.).
    • Carbon capture & storage (adsorption, absorption, sequestration, etc.).
  • Various searches were conducted in web, scientific journals and official websites of universities and research institutes to identify relevant research projects.
  • Identified details of funding, project duration, completion date, etc.
  • A searchable database was created using Microsoft access.
  • The searchable fields were: name of University, sponsors/partners, funding details, technology focus, etc.
  • An option was provided to incorporate comments and recommendations.
  • This helped the client to take informed decisions on selection of suitable partners for collaborative research in the specific areas of interest.
Turnaround time 3 – 4 weeks
  • Two Chemical Engineers
  • $15,000