List of Excel Macros available for licensing

S.NoMacro nameDescriptionInput dataOutput data
1IPCThis macro is used to normalize and pick only first 4 characters in a IPC/CPC class code. This will also normalize the data when multiple class codes are there in one cell. It will also remove duplicates after normalizationA46B000100 | A46B000912 | A46D000100 | B29C004526 | B29C004533A46B, A46D, B29C
2Country codeThis macro is used to find # of countries that a patent has been filed based on INPADOC data provided by a patent databaseEP2682022A1 | EP2866611A1 | US20150135456A1EPO, United States
3Priority yearThis macro normalizes the priority year from a list of multiple priority dates. It also provides additional features of grouping the priority years as required (e.g., if the user wants to show all the priority years before 1996 as “Before 1996”, this macro can do that)2012-07-02 | 2013-05-172012
4IPC DefinitionThis macro will provide the definition of any IPC code (first four characters only)A46BBRUSHES (handles not integral with brushware B25G)
5Family de-dupeWhen a spreadsheet is downloaded from commercial patent database(s), though reduced one per family, a few duplicates still remain. This macro removes the family duplicates. Can be used with DWPI accession number or INPADOC family. Online version is also available.
6SynonymsSynonyms used in medical domain. Updates periodically. End user can easily search for required synonym in one place. Hand curated.
7Bubble/Heat map data creatorThis macro simplifies the task of creating 3D data for Heat Map/Bubble graph.
8Find and replaceMultiple variants available. Can search entire sheet/range/within cell etc. Can summarize all cells data into one. Useful in normalizing data after analysis. Saves substantial time with high accuracy
9PubMed data converterThis macro helps end user in converting PubMed data into Excel format. This supports text file or XML data.
10Data normalization for Country code/IPC/Date/GeneralEasily group/convert/normalize raw data into summarization. This is useful in analysis and plotting graphs
11Clean up Orbit dataClean downloaded Orbit data
12OthersRemove/replace a char in cell with user defined characters. Find family, extract URLs, and add URLs to cells, TI-Orbit-XPN Data format changer, Search-Copy-Paste data from once Excel file to another, Data copy with font color match, pattern match,convert shapes, remove hyperlinks etc.
13HyperlinkThis macro provides hyperlinks to the patents to a USPTO or EPO site. The hyperlinks be set to a homepage of the user choice, to “Bibliographic information” or to the “Description” or to the “Claims” or “Mosaics” or to the “Original PDF Document” on the respective patent office siteUS20150135456A1US20150135456A1
14MatrixThis is something similar to pivot tables, where user can generate a matrix data with one parameter on rows and another parameter on columns and number of occurrences in the respective cells. The advantage of this macro over a pivot table is, if the information in a cell is separated by a comma, the pivot table takes it as a single value but in our matrix it will take as two separate valuesxx, yyxx and yy shown in a pivot table separately
15Legal status from EPOThis macro provides legal status of a patent in EPO. Useful when dealing with large patent data setsPatent numberLegal status of patents
16Excel to printable Word formatThis macro converts the data available in selected fields of Excel into a Word document (can also set it up to go to PowerPoint or PDF or other formats)Excel file with multiple fields against each patent numberOne-page Word document capturing all the fields
17Excel to PowerPoint conversionThis converts data in Excel into PowerPoint in a predefined format in PowerPointExcel file with multiple fields against each patent numberOne-page PowerPoint document capturing all the fields
18Patent number conversion between databasesThis macro converts the patent numbers in TI format to Orbit formatShow TI # in input data and Orbit # in output data
19Claim chartingDivide claims in source cell into “Main Claim”, “Independent claim”, “Dependent Claim” with color codes
20Interactive SheetThis is a standalone tool that provides multiple filter options in both bibliographic and analyzed fields. Can have the option to search free text fields available in Excel work sheet
21Patent analyzerThis is a macro enabled standalone Excel tool which will help an analyst to highlight the text within selected Excel fields, indicating the number of occurrences of a word. Various colors can be set for different key words