Low cost, high precision SDI alerts

... Leveraging SPA’s deepPAT™ ML platform ...

SDI programs consume a lot of time of information analysts. As search results grow exponentially, SDI programs have become very time consuming. Current ML-solutions are too noisy to save time for analysts.

SciTech Patent Art (SPA) is announcing the launch of its deepPAT™ platform which provides low cost and high precision SDI alerts. SPA’s high-precision ML-algorithms are trained by technical experts.

Platform features :

  • High degree of flexibility
    • … search results can be uploaded from any patent database
  • Precise tuning
    • … ML models tuned by technical experts
  • User-friendly verification interface
    • … search results split into OFF, ON and DOUBT set
    • … 100% precision for OFF and ON, DOUBT set < 40% of total set
  • Auto-categorization of ON records
    • … ML based technical categorization
  • SPA’s solution is low cost
    • no database subscription requirement
    • … get started on a deepPAT™ alert program for as low as ~$1,500/year per topic

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more.