Cost effective Intellectual Property Support

SciTech Patent Art (SPA), a 17-year old technology and patent analytics firm. As a brief introduction, SPA works with a number of clients in US, Europe and Japan. Our services include in-depth technology trends analysis, technology landscaping, white-space analysis, emerging players, IP searches (prior art, patentability, invalidation, FTO) and patent drafting/filing).

Over the years, SPA has been offering extensive IP support to many small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and inventors. SPA’s IP support to SMEs has enabled them reap the benefits of their innovation and creativity by providing appropriate guidance in protection and commercialization. SPA’s services also allow SMEs to make effective use of their budget and time for important tasks related to IP protection.
Following are typical IP Search services useful to SMEs:

We search in proprietary databases and non-proprietary sources for technical information (scientific journals, patent literature, marketing literature, etc.) and present succinct findings based on technical analyses. Our difference lies in the responsiveness we show our clients, the depth of expertise we demonstrate in our work and the attention we pay to detail.