Secondary research to uncover emerging scientific trends and potential collaboration partners requires significant expertise in searching and connecting-the-dots. However, experts are few in many companies and they are busy these days with data overload. AI/ML-based solutions are quick-and-dirty and do not meet the rigorous standards of teams managing large R&D programs where companies have invested significant resources.
SciTech Patent Art’s Connect-the-Dots solution solves this problem using a proprietary human + machine approach. Our expert technical searchers extract highly focused data from many different data sources (patents, technical literature, government grants, clinical trials, etc.) and custom-curate the information in a connect-the-dots portal.

Benefits offered by SciTech Patent Art’s (SPA) Connect-the-Dots solution include:

  • Highly focused (no noise) data sets
  • Custom-curated to generate technically meaningful visualizations
  • Easy-to-use search interface for scientists and portfolio managers
  • Linked across data sources so that “connections” are easy to see and explore
  • …and more.
Please click on the link below to download a copy of our detailed presentation: