Recently the FDA provided Emergency Use Authorization to a California-based company Cepheid, Inc. for a rapid 45-minute diagnostic test for detecting the virus RNA in a patient’s blood sample. This breakthrough will have a dramatic impact on the world’s ability to contain the pandemic.


Overview of Cepheid, Inc.’s and it’s technology from SciTech Patent Art’s technology experts. The company profile does a deep-dive into Cepheid, Inc.’s core products, technologies, patents, publications and the research interests of key R&D staff.

Can you get similar information from a quick search in Google?

Surely not. Extracting information presented in this report would take some skill and more importantly inordinate amount of time.

SciTech Patent Art’s searchers are experts at

  • Searching for technical information buried in public sources such as annual reports, YouTube videos, technical publications, patents, websites, etc.
  • Use of Deep Web and AI/ML tools to extract information that is not reasily retrievable through Google
  • Rapidly screening and summarizing technical information and
  • Presenting summarized information in a simple, readily digest-able format.
Who is this information useful for?

It is useful for professionals who need a quick overview of Cepheid, Inc.’s technology for research to improve detection technology or competitive monitoring or developing an investment thesis.

Professionals who might find this report most useful are:

  • R&D professionals
  • IP staff
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