Case Studies
Client An open innovation company based out of Europe
Problem & Context A team of innovation experts engaged SPA to identify innovative solutions for retrofit insulation of houses that are not only cost-effective, but also aesthetically pleasing with other user-friendly features. The study included search for new materials and new technologies.
SPA Approach & Deliverables
  • A 2-member SPA technical team was selected to conduct this study.
  • Web-based searches (web based information, scientific articles, market research reports, etc.) as well as patent searches were conducted.
  • The study identified different types of materials used in retrofit insulation along with their implementation methods.
  • The team analyzed findings in terms of short-, near- and long-term solutions and compiled potential solutions/materials that may be applied to develop efficient systems for retrofit insulation of houses.
  • A summary report with key players and their cost effective solutions was prepared and presented to the client.
Turnaround time 2 weeks
Resources/ Cost
  • Two material scientists
  • $3,500