Gaining technology insights from data analytics

A case study selected from the pet food industry

At SciTech Patent Art (SPA), we are constantly developing innovative analytical solutions which are client focused. As part of this initiative, on an experimental basis, we applied both conventional trend analytics and advanced data analytics techniques to Mintel’s GNPD™ data to extract unique insights.

What was the objective?

We wanted to understand the emerging ingredient/claim trends in Pet food products launched during the last one year across various geographies.

How did we do this?
  • Gathering 3,000+ products with 2,000+ ingredients
  • Structuring disparate data such as ingredients, company names, claims and product variants
  • Applying traditional trend analytics on 3,000+ products
  • Further, applying advanced data mining analytics such as outliers, inliers, clusters and network analysis

Similar analytics can be conducted on packaging, price and other information available in Mintel GNPD™ data or other data sources. For example, we applied a similar methodology to engineering project data in Offshore Wind Farms.

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