Case Studies
Client A multi-national company in the Medical device industry
Problem & Context The client partnered with SPA to identify potential patents that could block the right to use of their multi-functional surgical device.
SPA Approach & Deliverables
  • A 3-member team from SPA was assigned to the project.
  • The multi-functional surgical device comprised about 30 critical components.
  • The RTU study involved conducting searches for each of the structural components (including major and minor components), functional and mechanistic aspects.
  • Searches by competitors and inventors were also conducted.
  • Relevant patent documents were identified after screening large datasets, and an element by element analysis was done for all the aspects.
  • Differences between the aspects of the client’s device vis-à-vis that claimed in identified patents were assessed.
  • There were no blocking patents for the major components/aspects; however, there was a potential blocking patent that claimed a minor component that was identical to that in the client’s device.
  • The client opted to procure a license from the patent holder for its use in their device and the device was subsequently commercialized.
  • This study helped the client understand the potential FTO risks and undertake appropriate action.
Turnaround time 5 months
Resources/ Cost
  • A 3-member Biomedical team
  • >$100,000