Case Studies
Client A Japan based technology innovation and licensing company
Problem & Context The client engaged SPA to create Evidence of Use (EoU) in the area of imaging technology. The study was aimed at identifying patent infringement/ evidence for infringement through commercial products. SPA assisted the client by providing 10-20 interesting patents and mapped the same with commercial products of competitor companies.
SPA Approach & Deliverables
  • A 2-member SPA team was designated full-time to work on the project.
  • Patent searches were conducted on imaging technology.
  • Out of 2000, approximately 800 patents were identified as relevant to project scope.
  • SPA team studied the claimed aspects of all the relevant patents.
  • SPA categorized the relevant patents into three interesting categories (Low, Medium and High) based on the probability of finding products matching the claimed technologies.
  • In-depth product searches were conducted using web search, YouTube, product brochures, prototypes, exhibits, company websites, image editing apps, identify products matching with the claimed features.
  • Based on SPA’s proprietary approach, 800 patents were narrowed down to 10-20 patents for further study.
  • SPA mapped the claimed features of these 10-20 patents with relevant products.
Turnaround time 4 - 5 weeks
Resources/ Cost
  • A 2-member Electronics team
  • $20,000