Group Leader

 I have been associated with SciTech Patent Art for six years now. I joined the company as a knowledge Scientist, and the kind of training and exposure that I received helped me rise to the position of a Group Leader. I thoroughly enjoy my job, as it brings with it new challenges every day, testing my skills while giving me an opportunity to reinvent myself. It has been an immense pleasure working with a team of creative and innovative minds.    


 I believe that design is thinking made visual, and at SciTech, I get plenty of opportunities to excel at work. I enjoy coming to SciTech Patent Art every day for work; I don’t consider it a chore at all because of the challenging nature of work in this organisation. Besides, my colleagues make every single day at office very special. At SciTech, the work atmosphere is a happy one, and the employees’ needs are met. The company culture is great and the team spirit drives productivity. SciTech has given me opportunities to not just demonstrate my existing skills, but also learn new ones at work.    

Senior Knowledge Scientist

 I have been working for SciTech Patent Art for the last two years. The environment at SciTech is very amicable and comfortable, and the five-day workweek is very helpful and de-stressing. The managers and co-workers are very supportive as well. The company recognizes and rewards talent and achievements. I am proud to be a part of this organization, and it is undoubtedly a place for those who are self-driven.    

Amruth Sagar
Group Leader

 I have seen SciTech Patent Art grow from a small office in rented premises to the current self-owned building with excellent infrastructure. The spacious workplace is a real luxury. In my career span of 9+ years, my tenure at SciTech has been 6+ years. For a few years, I worked for other organizations and got back to SciTech a year ago. When I compare the work culture, professional growth, work satisfaction, work-life balance etc., I find that no other organization has been as satisfying as SPA. While it is certainly very important to have professional growth, having a stress- free personal life is equally important and SciTech is a place where one can have both.